Florida League of Cities

Marketing principles are just as important for social media sites as they are for other forms of marketing communications. 

Building engagement requires promoting your social media presence and activity at every opportunity, both online and offline. You must also take steps to become a credible and trusted source by posting interesting and relevant content regularly and consistently, interacting with users and responding in a timely and helpful manner. Maintaining this level of credibility takes commitment, resources and time and is vital for both the reputation of your local government and the image of your council/commission.

Tips for Creating Compelling Content

  • Be Authentic – post with a purpose. Don’t just say what you are doing, share why.
  • Highlight Relationships – who are you with? Use @ to tag us, your friends, your followers and
  • Engage in Conversation – don’t just post, interact. Like, comment, share, retweet, reply.
  • Be Consistent – if something is worth doing, do it well and do it often.
  • Mix it Up - vary what you say and how yo say it. Use short videos and high-quality pictures to draw the reader in.
  • #Trending – use hashtags to connect your posts with similar content. Our favorite? #HOMERULE