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Other Post-Employment Benefits (OPEB) is a trust administered by the Florida League of Cities that simplifies the way your municipality administers post-employment benefit plans.

OPEB refers to the benefits, other than pensions, that a state or local government employee received as part of his or her package of retirement benefits. Benefits include retiree health insurance, dental, vision, prescription drug, or other healthcare benefits.

GASB 75 Information

The Governmental Accounting Standards Board has approved Statement No. 75 to improve accounting and financial reporting for local governments that provide other post-employment benefits. GASB 75 became effective on June 15, 2017.

Biggest Changes:

  • Governments will report only liabilities related to their own employees, and provide these benefits through a defined-benefit plan administered through a trust that meets specified criteria.
  • Governments that participate in a cost-sharing plan administered through a trust that meets the specified criteria will report a liability equal to their proportionate share of the collective liability.
  • Governments that do not provide these benefits through a trust must report their total liability related to employees.

Strict Reporting Requirements

Every local government in Florida has an OPEB liability. Even those governmental entities that think they have no liability may be affected. Many state and local government employers provide OPEB to retirees in addition to pension benefits. Historically, these benefits have been administered on a pay-as-you-go basis and have not been reported as a liability on municipal financial statements. In Florida, state statutes require that the employer make health coverage available to retirees at the employer's group rate. This creates an implicit cost that must be accounted for, potentially making this a financial issue for every municipality in Florida.

Recent changes in accounting rules require this liability to be reported on your balance sheet similar to pension liabilities. Employers must account for and report the annual cost of OPEB in the same way they report pensions.


  • Statement No. 75 replaces the requirements of Statement No. 45
  • Statement No. 75 requires state and local governments to report liability on financials statements
  • Statement No. 75 will be reported for cities' 2018 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.

The League Advantage - It's as Easy as 1-2-3

Whether you choose to fund your OPEB liability over a number of years, or to fund the entire liability up-front, the League's straightforward approach will provide a simplified method to manage your OPEB liability. In addition, fees for the new OPEB Trust's administration are significantly lower than attempting to secure each service separately on your own.

When you contract with the League, we will:

     1. Review your current OPEB policy
     2. Prepare a GASB 75 compliant OPEB valuation
     3. Develop a plan of action to address your liability.


Other Post-Employment Benefits (OPEB) refers to benefits other than pension benefits.  

OPEB Trust Investments

These portfolios use high quality stocks and bonds to help achieve our stated investment goals. 

Implementation Timeline

Learn about the timeline typically needed for OPEB implementation.  

For more information, contact Jeremy Langley at 859.552.5224 or Stephanie Forbes at 850.701.3661.

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