Florida League of Cities

Resiliency Energy Environment Florida Program (Watch)

HB 101 (Fine) and CS/SB 228 (Rodriguez) amend current law relating to Property Assessed Clean Energy programs, whereby local governments, alone or in partnership with a program administrator, may finance qualifying improvements on residential property relating to energy conservation and efficiency or renewable energy. The program is renamed the "Resiliency Energy Environment Florida Program." The bills expand the program to include nonresidential real property, including government leased property. The bills impose various requirements on a program administrator to reasonably determine a property owner has the ability to pay the estimated annual assessment. The bills impose obligations on a program administrator before it may enter a contract for a residential property, such as providing a financing estimate and specified disclosures to the owner. The bills require additional obligations on administrators relating to contractors, such as confirming the contractor has performed the applicable work or service before disbursing funds to the contractor. The bills also impose specified marketing and communications guidelines on PACE administrators and contractors and impose additional monitoring and reporting requirements on administrators. (Hughes)