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Discerning the Voters’ Intent

Source: Scott Paine
Not being a candidate, and not being too heavily invested in the outcome of any of the various primaries and school board and judges’ races, I didn’t awake this morning in either the ecstasy of having romped over my opponent or the agony of seeing all that hard work (and other people’s hard-earned money) expended for naught.
What caught my attention this morning was the razor-thin margin in the race for the Democratic nomination for state Senate District 19. State Representative Darryl Rouson claimed victory over state Representative Ed Narain, but withjust three score votesseparating the two candidates (a microscopic 0.16% margin of victory), a machine recount is pending.
Odds are, the machine recount still will leave the two very close, close enough to trigger a manual recount of the “spoiled” ballots, those that either show an over vote (where the voter appears to have voted for two or more candidates in the race) or an undervote (where the voter appears not to have cast a vote in the race). Each of these records (thank goodness we have hard copy of voters’ choices!) will be carefully examined by a few pairs of human eyes to determine the intent of the voter.
Click here to read this blog on DrScottPaine.com.
ON TAP @ THE CAP - March 11, 2016
Source: Scott Dudley
"There is no real ending. It's just the place where you stop the story." -- Frank Herbert
Thought about RMPE?
Source: Scott Blaser, CSP, Director, Risk Control

Thought about RMPE?

As I wrap up our first online meeting for the League’s Risk Management for Public Entities (RMPE) study group, I would be remiss if I did not let everyone know of this group, once again, and how it can help you obtain your RMPE certification.