• Advocacy in Action

    With every seat in the Florida House and Senate up for election this year, incumbents and candidates alike are focused on their campaigns during the summer. So how can you engage in advocacy when the last thing on their minds is legislation? As we've shared before, the foundation for successful advocacy is a strong relationship with your legislator. Campaigns are an excellent opportunity to focus on building that relationship. 

  • CMRI Reports

    The Florida League of Cities’ Center for Municipal Research & Innovation recently surveyed cities across Florida to determine how they use mobile apps to deliver government services. Click here to view the results. 
  • Florida League of Cities Webinar Information

    Register today for one of FLC University's FREE webinars on a variety of important municipal issues. Click here to view upcoming dates. You can also access past webinars in our Webinar Archive. 
  • FLCityGuard

    The Florida League of Cities is providing a valuable new service to help its members deal with crisis communications. FLCityGuard will provide you with essential guidance to prepare for, manage and get past a crisis. Click here to learn more.
  • Florida Regional Compact Initiative

    At the heart of President Matt Surrency's vision for the Florida League of Cities is a conviction that cities are stronger when we solve problems together, stronger when we share our resources, and stronger when we speak with one voice. Click here to learn more about President Surrency's Regional Compact Initiative.
  • Federal Advocacy

    Join the Federal Action Strike Team (FAST) for a federal advocacy trip to Washington, D.C., to meet with members of Florida's congressional delegation and discuss key federal issues that affect municipalities. Download the flyer today. To learn more or to reserve your spot, contact Allison Payne by April 21, 2016. 

Growing from a small number of cities and towns, our membership now represents more than 400 cities, towns and villages in the Sunshine State. Click here to learn more about Florida's cities.
Open Local Government Positions – Click here for a list of positions open. Click here for instructions on posting your city’s ad to the Florida League of Cities’ website.
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Earning What Others Have Won for Us

Source: Scott Paine
What is your memory of Memorial Day?
There is some historical debate about the “first” marking of this day of remembrance. Its early history also was marked by controversy. The association of the event with the Union cause so strong that many Southern states pointedly ignored “Decoration Day.” Only after World War I, when “Memorial Day” was declared to be a day to honor the fallen of all wars fought by the United States, did the day take on a truly national character.
A quieter controversy is present today. The contest is over how we spend the day, whether we mark it by visits to memorials and cemeteries or by firing up the grill with family and friends.
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ON TAP @ THE CAP - March 11, 2016
Source: Scott Dudley
"There is no real ending. It's just the place where you stop the story." -- Frank Herbert
Thought about RMPE?
Source: Scott Blaser, CSP, Director, Risk Control

Thought about RMPE?

As I wrap up our first online meeting for the League’s Risk Management for Public Entities (RMPE) study group, I would be remiss if I did not let everyone know of this group, once again, and how it can help you obtain your RMPE certification.