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Taxation (Watch)

PCB WMC 21-01 (Ways and Means) is the House tax package for the 2021 Session. The bill includes three sales tax holidays. The bill expands the current property tax discount from 50% to 100% for certain multifamily projects that provide affordable housing for low-income families. Other property tax changes in the bill include clarifying the application of an exemption from ad valorem taxation for portions of property used for charitable, religious, scientific or literary purposes; requiring the tax collector to accept late payments on the first installment of prepaid property taxes; and exempting structures and equipment used in the production of aquaculture products from separate ad valorem assessment. The bill also allows that tourist development and convention development taxes can be used for flood mitigation projects at the discretion of local government and requires that all new or increased tourist development and convention development taxes must be approved by voters at a referendum. The bill also makes a number of updates related to tax administration, provides that certain modifications to documents to update an interest rate are not subject to the documentary stamp tax; and repeals the Sports Development Program. The total state and local government negative fiscal impact of the bill in fiscal year 2021-22 is $100 million, with a recurring negative impact of $50 million. (Hughes)