New zoning requirements for “airport hazard areas” take effect on July 1. An “airport hazard area” can be located within any city or county, and is not contingent on an airport being located within your jurisdiction. This critically important webinar with the Florida Department of Transportation provides information about the changes that need to be made to your city’s existing regulations and processes. It covers everything you need to know in order to be in compliance with this law including a review of the new criteria for FDOT evaluation of permit applications, new criteria and processes for political subdivision’s airport zoning regulations, and modifications to land use compatibility regulations. 

Below are several documents that are relevant to the drafting of the new regulations we discussed on the Airport Zoning webinar held on Tuesday, June 20. They include Chapter 333, F.S. (2016), 14 C.F.R. Part 77, and documents regarding the Runway Protection Zone, which is discussed in Chapter 333 but is not a Part 77 Surface. 
Questions? Contact Greg Jones, Airspace and Land Use Manager, with the Florida Department of Transportation at (850) 414-4502 or via email