Federal Advocacy

The Federal Action Strike Team (FAST) was created to strengthen the League's federal relations by establishing proactive and reactive communications with the Florida congressional delegation in support of federal municipal policy. FAST takes its policy positions and direction from the League's resolutions committee and the National League of Cities (NLC) policy priorities.

As the success of this team will be largely dependent upon its grassroots advocacy, FAST members are appointed according to each congressional district. With an existing congressional delegation of 27 U.S. House Members and 2 U.S. Senators, the size of the committee will range from 25 to 30 members with participation reserved to those who display:

1. A strong commitment to and involvement in shaping federal municipal policy;
2. A willingness and ability to establish and maintain effective relationships and communications with delegation members;
3. A commitment to attend both the FAST Fly-in and NLC meetings; and
4. A willingness to actively lobby members of their delegation in Washington and in the district.
For a complete list of team member appointments for 2018-19, click here.
The Federal Action Strike Team, working with League staff and the NLC, will ensure a more effective and powerful voice for Florida in this new era of Federalism. FAST members meet throughout the year, including an organizational meeting, the FAST Fly-in to Washington D.C., and a reception during the March NLC Congress of Cities meeting in Washington.

In addition, FAST members will be expected to personally meet with their delegation members and staff at least once in the district, and to determine the most effective way of communicating the League's federal priorities as often as the need may require.

Finally, FAST members will be expected to contact League staff with any information that may assist in the team's overall efforts, such as member position on issues, anticipated committee or floor action, advanced review of committee markups or amendments.

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2109 Resolutions Adopted at Annual Conference 

2019 Federal Action Agenda (Spring) 
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2018 Federal Action Agenda (Spring) 
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2017 Federal Action Agenda (Spring)

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