Let Cities Work.

Repeatedly, we see state lawmakers discuss the role of local authority, trying to shift many hometown responsibilities to the state. One-size-fits-all proposals by the Legislature will not fix or help our neighborhoods meet new challenges nor create opportunities. The 2018 Legislative session was no different. While cities were successful in preventing the most egregious bills from passing this past session, we can anticipate most of these issues will return in 2019. We must continue to stand together and demand state lawmakers... 

Let cities work.

It is essential that we take the opportunity summer provides to have candid conversations with legislators so they can fully understand how their votes this past session would have affected their cities and citizens back home.

It is also important that we thank and recognize those legislators who stood up for Home Rule. They must know that because of their efforts and their votes, local decision-making was preserved. Call or meet with them to thank them personally for the work we accomplished together. It’s important that they know their efforts will not go unnoticed.

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Last August, the League's membership adopted its 2018 Legislative Action Agenda. The top priority adopted is the defense of Home Rule.

Local Self Government

Local Self-Government

The Florida League of Cities seeks to strengthen and protect the fundamental concept of local self- government, and will OPPOSE legislative efforts to impede the constitutional right Floridians have enjoyed for nearly 50 years to govern themselves under municipal Home Rule powers. Additionally, the Florida League of Cities OPPOSES the Legislature’s persistent intrusion into local finances, which are necessary to provide financial stability and essential services uniquely required by municipal residents and local businesses.


Now is the time to get engaged. Now is the time to take action. 


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For more information about this initiative or to get more involved, please contact Allison Payne at (850) 222-9684 ext. 3602 or apayne@flcities.com