Key Staff Contacts


The League provides a wide variety of services to our members. Some of the areas in which members most frequently have questions are listed below with the appropriate staff contact person. Click on the staff member's name to contact them via email.

If you have a question regarding an issue not listed below or are not sure who to contact, please call our office toll-free at 800.342.8112.



Contact: Allison Payne

Board Liaison

Calendar of Events

Contact: Melanie Howe

Charter and Ordinance Information

Contact: Eric Hartwell

Citizenship/Civics Education

Contact: Sharon Berrian

Open Local Government Positions

Contact: Selina Smith


Contact: Jenna Tala


Contact: Melanie Howe

Delinquent Business License Tax Collection Program

Contact: Scott Hamilton

Dues and Billing Information

Contact: Scott Hamilton

Exhibits at FLC Conference

Contact: Heidi Hogarth

Federal Issues

Contact: Allison Payne


Contact: Amber Hughes

Financial Services

FLC University

Contact: Lynn Tipton

Fraud Reporting

Contact: Sean Kucala

Grants and Technical Assistance

Health Claims Administration

Contact: Aaron Carper (Orlando Office)

Human Resources

Insurance Programs (FMIT)

Contact: Jeannie Garner or Chris Krepcho (Orlando Office)

Internal Operations

Investment Programs

Contact: Jeff Blomeley

League Membership Database

Contact: Eryn Russell

League Policy Committees

Contact: Scott Dudley

Legal Services

Contact: Kraig Conn

Legislative Policies/Information

Contact: Scott Dudley

Media Relations

Membership Relations

Contact: Sharon Berrian

Municipal Training Programs (FLC University)

Contact: Lynn Tipton

Pension Services

Property Casualty Claims

Contact: Anthony Fields (Orlando Office)


Contact: Beth Dolan


Contact: Liane Giroux

Social Media


Contact: Eryn Russell

Technology Program

Trust Marketing

Contact: Clay Austin (Orlando Office)

Trustee Liaison


Workers’ Compensation Claims

Contact: Vernell Goodridge (Orlando Office)