FLC Annual Conference

FLC 50th home rule anniversary logo verticalThe Florida League of Cities annual conference is held each August in various locations throughout the state. The annual conference is an opportunity for municipal officials and senior staff to enhance leadership skills, share ideas with peers, discuss strategies for Florida’s future, and learn the latest in products and services designed for municipal governments. 
The 2018 Annual Conference was held August 16-18 at The Diplomat Beach Resort in Hollywood, Fla.

Presentations from the 2018 Conference are available online. Click here to view. (Please Note: Not all sessions/workshops had presentation materials and some presenters may choose not to share their presentations online.

2018 marks the 50th anniversary of Constitutional Home Rule. Florida voters ratified this authority in the 1968 Florida Constitution, giving cities the right to perform municipal functions and deliver services without express permission from the state, except as otherwise provided by law.

During the Florida League of Cities Annual Conference, we celebrated 50 years of Home Rule. Modeled after the national political rallies, the Home Rule Rally was held Friday afternoon to celebrate “Local Self-government: The Keystone of American Democracy.”

This demonstration recognized the historic vote in 1968 that gave Florida cities their Home Rule power. More than 900 city officials came together decked out in their rally swag – T-shirts, hats, buttons, noisemakers and signs – that were provided to registered attendees. Local and regional leagues als0 provided accessories for the rally.

Municipal officials from across the state participated this historic celebration as we stand together, united, in the fight for Home Rule for generations to come! 

Fifty years of Home Rule is Worth Commemorating! 

We're calling on Florida’s cities, towns and villages to pass a resolution celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Home Rule. Watch the video to the left for tips on how your city can be a part of the celebration! 

Download Resolution Template | Learn More

2018 Conference Photo Gallery

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2017 Conference Information

Presentations from the 2017 Conference, held August 17-19 at the World Center Marriott in Orlando, are available online. Click here to view. (Please Note: Not all sessions/workshops had presentation materials and some presenters may choose not to share their presentations online.)  An order form to purchase audio recordings of most workshops is available here. Click here to view minutes from the 2017 conference.