Municipal Youth Councils

Municipal Youth Councils are special citywide councils are composed of students from different high schools within the city. They typically serve as an advisory board to the city commission/council. They are sometimes referred to as Youth Corps, Teen Advisory Boards or Mayor's Youth Councils.

Students who serve on youth councils are the leaders of tomorrow. It is important to expose them to municipal government at an early age. We hope that your city, town or village will consider forming a youth council if you do not already have one. The Guide for Creating a City Youth Council provides a "road map" to help officials who want to create a Youth Council program in their city. 

The City Government 101 Animated Video is a great way to introduce young people to municipal government operations. You can also download our Youth Council Fun Facts Flyer. Additional resources for teaching youth about city governments are available under Civic Education.

In addition, the Florida League of Cities hosts statewide competitions and events designed specifically to engage youth councils in service learning, civic education, and leadership development.

Annual Community Service Competition

In 2018, the Florida League of Cities is holding its 2nd Annual Youth Council Community Service Project Contest. The community service (volunteer project) contest recognizes current or new youth council projects that address a local need.

There are many options for projects, such as volunteering with a local nonprofit organization, organizing or participating in a beautification event, working with residents who are in need or building a community garden or little free library in an area with no access to these amenities.

The Florida League of Cities community service project contest is open only to Florida Municipal Youth Councils sponsored by city, town or village governments that are members of the Florida League of Cities. Click here to download the flyer.

The deadline for entries is Monday, April 2, 2018. Entries are being accepted through the online contest submission form.

Contact Sharon Berrian for additional information. 

Youth Council Contest Submission Form

Photography & Community Service Project Winners

Video Competition Award Winners