Florida City Government Week

Florida City Government Week 2018 will take place October 22-28. Join Florida’s cities in celebrating, showcasing and engaging citizens in the work of municipal government! Download the Toolkit for Celebrating What Makes Your City Great

Florida City Government Week is a time for municipalities to provide and foster civic education, collaboration, volunteerism and more. All cities are encouraged to participate, and the League is here to help you celebrate what makes your city great.

Governor Rick Scott issued a proclamation recognizing Florida City Government Week 2018 and the importance of civic engagement. U.S. Congressman Al Lawson also penned a letter in support of Florida City Government Week 2018. 

Cities provide a higher level of service than most governments, and generally receive higher approval ratings than other levels of government. Yet, many residents are unaware of how city services impact their lives. Through Florida City Government Week, the League hopes to bring awareness to city government’s role in enhancing the quality of life in communities.  

Florida City Government Week is a great opportunity for city officials to speak to schools and civic groups, host an open house at city hall, or reach out to civic clubs and community organizations to explain city structure and function or help others learn by volunteering and serving charitable organizations in your community.
Florida City Government Week is part of an ongoing effort sponsored by the Florida League of Cities to raise public awareness about the services that cities perform and to educate the public on how city government works. Cities are encouraged to involve their local schools, businesses, media and civic clubs in planning City Government Week activities.

To assist cities in their efforts, the League has created a Florida City Government Week Information packet. This packet includes ideas and materials for celebrating Florida City Government Week, publicity tips and strategies, a sample press release and a sample resolution.


Civic engagement activities can be held for citizens of all ages. Most are at no or low cost. Cities are encouraged to involve their local schools, businesses, media and civic clubs in planning Florida City Government Week activities that engage through:

Sharing. Showcase facilities, municipal employee jobs, equipment, and fre, police or utility vehicles. Host city hall open houses and tours, or bring area students into council chambers.

Service. Coordinate community service and volunteering events in partnership with local organizations.

Talent. Hold an essay, photography, multimedia, video or design showcase or contest.

If you’ve never participated in the past and would like additional ideas, check out the Quick Links on the portal to view how cities across Florida have celebrated during the last five years.

New Resource!

Want a fun way to communicate the basics of city government? You're in luck! The League has produced this 10-minute cartoon, perfect for youth audiences and beyond. It covers a range of topics including city charters, forms of government, municipal services, property taxes and Home Rule.  

Want your own digital copy? Contact Holly McPhail.

Cities are encouraged to use social media to celebrate and promote their events using the hashtag #FLCityWeek and to share event reminders, updates and interesting facts via Twitter and Facebook. We also want you to share your photos and summaries of activities with us for inclusion in Quality Cities (QC) magazine. 

Contact Sharon Berrian for additional information. 

New Logo

Florida City Government Week has a new logo! Download yours today. (right-click your preferred image and select "save image as")

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