Utilities, Natural Resources & Public Works

This committee addresses policies specific to municipal concerns with coastal management, energy, environmental and wetlands permitting, hazardous and toxic wastes, recycling, solid waste collection and disposal, stormwater, wastewater treatment and reuse, water management, water quality and quantity.

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Priority Issues, 2017-2018

Local Self Government

Local Self-Government

The Florida League of Cities seeks to strengthen and protect the fundamental concept of local self- government, and will OPPOSE legislative efforts to impede the constitutional right Floridians have enjoyed for nearly 50 years to govern themselves under municipal Home Rule powers. Additionally, the Florida League of Cities OPPOSES the Legislature’s persistent intrusion into local finances, which are necessary to provide financial stability and essential services uniquely required by municipal residents and local businesses.

Water Funding

Water Funding

he Florida League of Cities will SUPPORT legislation to provide long term, recurring and adequate state funding, that is equitably distributed throughout the state, for local government water resource and water quality improvement projects and infrastructure, including, but not limited to, projects that: reduce nutrient and pollutant loading from wastewater sources; mitigate storm water and flooding impacts; and increase available water resources and supplies.


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Chair: Deborah Kynes 
Vice Mayor, City of Dunedin
Vice-chair: Helen Miller
Councilmember, Town of White Springs 
FLC Contact: Rebecca O'Hara
Asst. General Counsel
(850) 339-6211 
FLC Staff Assistant: Kat Dunn

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