Finance, Taxation & Personnel

This committee addresses municipal roles in general finance and tax issues, Home Rule revenues, infrastructure funding, insurance, local option revenues, pension issues, personnel and collective bargaining issues, revenue sharing,  tax and budget reform, telecommunications and workers’ compensation.

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Priority Issues, 2017-2018

Local Self Government

Local Self-Government

The Florida League of Cities seeks to strengthen and protect the fundamental concept of local self- government, and will OPPOSE legislative efforts to impede the constitutional right Floridians have enjoyed for nearly 50 years to govern themselves under municipal Home Rule powers. Additionally, the Florida League of Cities OPPOSES the Legislature’s persistent intrusion into local finances, which are necessary to provide financial stability and essential services uniquely required by municipal residents and local businesses.

Communications Services Tax Protection

Communications Services Tax Protection

The Florida League of Cities SUPPORTS reforming the Communications Services Tax in a manner that is revenue neutral; provides for a broad and equitable tax base; provides for enhanced stability and reliability as an important revenue source for local government; and provides a uniform method for taxing communication services in Florida. Reform should promote a competitively neutral tax policy that will free consumers to choose a provider based on tax-neutral considerations.

News & Resources

  • The Department of Revenue’s Office of Tax Research has begun to release county and municipal revenue estimates for FY 2017-18.  As additional estimates are finalized and forwarded to our office in the coming days, EDR will continue posting the estimates on the EDR’s County and Municipal Revenue Estimates webpage via the following link:

Committee Contacts

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Chair: Natalie Kahler
Council Member, City of Brooksville
Vice-chair: Bill Partington
Mayor, City of Ormond Beach
FLC Contact: Amber Hughes
Sr. Legislative Advocate
(850) 222-9684 ext. 3621 
FLC Staff Assistant: Tara Taggart

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