Municipal Youth Council Competitions

Annual Video Competition

The Florida League of Cities is pleased to announce its Sixth Annual Youth Council Video Competition. Our goal is to provide a way for Florida’s youth councils to showcase their ideas, creativity and commitment to their communities by utilizing their talents to promote their city’s 2017 Florida City Government Week recognition program. Click here to download the brochure and entry form.

This year’s youth council video competition asks each council to create a 60-second public service announcement video to promote Florida City Government Week locally or recognize its city during Florida City Government Week, on October 23-39, 2017. The goal of this week is to raise public awareness about the services that cities perform, and to educate the public about how city government works.

The theme for Florida City Government Week is “My City: I’m Part of It, I’m Proud of It!” Think about how to include this theme in your video in an interesting and appealing way. (If you live in a town or village, then it’s: “My Town-” or “My Village: I’m Part of It, I’m Proud of It!”)

Be creative! Florida cities celebrate City Government Week in many ways. Talk to your city’s elected officials, city manager, city clerk or other staff, to see how they have celebrated in the past and find out what ideas they have for 2017.

If your city plans Florida City Government Week activities, your video can supplement the city’s efforts and be used to reinforce their message. If no activities are planned, your video can be used to promote your city during the week. The use of your Youth Council video can be via social media, a
city-owned television station or website, or other visual format.

We will evaluate your entry according to several criteria, including the effectiveness and creativity of your video and action plan and adherence to the competition’s criteria. The deadline for entire in Friday, November 3, 2017. Winners will be announced in November 2017. There will be five awards presented (first through fifth place). Contact Sharon Berrian for additional information. 

Photography & Community Service Project Competitions

In spring of 2017, the Florida League of Cities sponsored two new Youth Council Competitions:

1) A photography contest in which we encouraged youth council members to take a picture of an aspect of your city that you love. 

2) A contest showcasing a youth council community service or volunteer project for a specific, single, citywide effort to successfully address a local need.

The winners of the competitions have been announced. Congratulations to the winning cities! 

Community Service

  • First Place - City of Niceville’s Youth Advisory Council--Niceville City Cleanup (Learn more)
  • Second Place – City of West Palm Beach’s Mayor's Youth Council—Grassy Waters Everglades Preserve (Learn more)
  • Third Place - City of St. Petersburg’s Mayor’s Youth Congress—Scrubbin’ Da Burg (Learn more)


  • First Place - City of Dade City’s Youth Council: Cinco De Mayo Parade by Reyes Figueroa
  • Second Place – City of Port Orange’s Youth Advisory Board: City Center Road in Black & White by Emma Dominguez
  • Third Place - City of Gulfport’s Teen Council: Clymer Park by Cameron Althaus

Winning photos are featured below. 

First Place - City of Dade City

Dade City - 1st Place

Second Place - City of Port Orange

Port Orange - 2nd Place


Third Place - City of Gulfport

Gulfport - 3rd Place