Florida Municipal Achievement Awards 


Begun in 2009, the goal of the Florida Municipal Achievement Awards program provides municipalities the opportunity to receive deserved recognition for superior and innovative efforts in three categories: City Spirit Award, Florida Citizenship Award, and Environmental Stewardship Award.

The City Spirit Award recognizes a single, specific citywide effort to successfully address a local need

The Florida Citizenship Award focuses on city projects or programs that build stronger, more participative residents. 

The Environmental Stewardship Award focuses on city programs that promote conservation, improve and protect environmental conditions, and/or provide environmental education and outreach programs within a city. 

Winners of the 2017 Award Program have been announced. Congratulations to the winning cities! 

2017 City Spirit Award
The City of Oldsmar’s winning entry, Oldsmar’s People Centennial, showcased how the city and its citizens worked together in 2016 to celebrate the 100-year anniversary of the founding of the Oldsmar by Ransom Eli Olds—the inventor of the Oldsmobile and REO automobiles. Scores of citizens, businesses, and civic organizations partnered with the city to organize numerous events tailored toward its diverse community. The collaboration culminated in an event for citizens of all ages that displayed Oldsmar’s true City Spirit.

2017 Florida Citizenship Award
The City of Melbourne’s winning entry, Outreach & Sponsorship Program, was launched in 2015 to increase awareness, promote active participation in recreation programs, and increase the use of city parks. Local businesses have partnered with the city in this effort and the program has dramatically increased Melbourne residents’ desire to “get out and play” and take pride in their city’s parks.

2017 Environmental Stewardship Award
This year two cities tied for the win in the Environmental Stewardship Award category: the Town of Lauderdale-By-the Sea and the City of Fort Myers.

The Town of Lauderdale-By-The-Sea’s coastal environmental protection program has two main components: planting sea oats to build up beach-protecting sand dunes, and transplanting staghorn corals to local reefs to create additional underwater habitats. Among other things, this has mitigated beach erosion and improved coastal resiliency to help maintain vital sea turtle habitat.

The City of Fort Myers River Basin is 1.5-acre multi-functional water detention/retention area that treats urban storm water runoff from the City’s 15-acre downtown, reducing the total nitrogen load entering the river. Additionally, the picturesque basin is sparking economic development along the 1,200 linear feet of new waterfront property into downtown, providing a focal point for downtown events, reducing the urban heat island, and offering opportunities for community education and passive recreation. 

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Florida Municipal Achievement Award Recipients