2018-19 President's Priority - We Live Local 

we live local

... is a campaign to educate Floridians about local self-government. Special interests are hijacking our hometowns… and now, more than ever, citizens need to understand what’s at stake.

We must reach out to small business owners, students, neighbors and friends and start talking about Home Rule.

DEFINE IT. Local decision-making. Self-government. Citizen-centered solutions. It is our job to explain Home Rule in a simple way. When people understand it, they’re all for it.

LOCALIZE IT. When we use local examples to explain Home Rule, residents make the connection. Miami is not Mount Dora. Tampa is not Titusville. Issues like neighborhood safety, municipal elections and redevelopment are local issues that should be decided locally.

TAILOR IT. Make it matter to your audience. We must shift our conversations away from talking about cities as if they aren’t a part of us. Stop saying cities have or cities want… and start saying WE.

WE LIVE LOCAL, so we should decide local.


The Honorable Leo E. Longworth

President, Florida League of Cities
Mayor, City of Bartow