2018-2019 Presidential Priority


The Honorable Leo E. Longworth

President, Florida League of Cities
Commissioner, City of Bartow

we live local

Florida’s cities, towns and villages are centers of economic, social and cultural energy. Each municipality is a catalyst for the quality of life enjoyed by its residents and visitors. However, special interests are hijacking our hometowns and now, more than ever, citizens need to understand what’s at stake. We Live Local is our campaign to educate Floridians about local self-government, or Home Rule.

The people of Florida overwhelmingly support Home Rule when they understand it.  Use the following resources to connect with your residents and communicate the value of this cherished concept.

Definition of Home Rule

Local decision-making. Self-government. Citizen-centered solutions. 

Home Rule is the flexibility to address unique local needs with local solutions. The Florida Constitution states in Article VIII, Section 2(b): “Municipalities shall have governmental, corporate and proprietary powers to enable them to conduct municipal government, perform municipal functions and render municipal services, and may exercise power for municipal purposes except as otherwise provided by law.” 

  • What is Home Rule and Why it Matters (1-pager)
  • What is Home Rule and Why it Matters (Infographic)

  • Our quality of life is under attack! 
    State lawmakers think they know what’s better for our communities more than we do. It's time to take action. Tell state lawmakers to stop meddling in our backyards!


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    History of Home Rule

    During the 18th century, cities derived their powers from their state constitutions. These local governments relied upon their respective state legislatures for all powers. Every decision required state permission including putting up traffic signals in the era of horses, wagons and the newly created automobile. This changed in 1968. Learn more.