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City profile information below is generated from the annual CityStats survey. Begun in 2011, the CityStats survey is a vital source of information on Florida's municipal governments. The survey consists of approximately 35-40 questions about municipal operations, budgets, policies and services. Surveys are sent to all of Florida's municipalities, with an average response rate of 80 percent of all cities equaling more than 80 percent of the total statewide municipal population. The 2016 CityStats survey is currently being conducted. A list of questions for 2016 is available for download.
CityStats survey data is used to administer the League's "Find a Peer City" database which allows municipalities to search for similar cities based on up to 11 different parameters. For further information, please contact Liane Schrader, Research Analyst with the Center.
The CityStats surveys are filled out by members of each individual municipality. Questions not answered by the member will display blank values. The answers are that of the individual cities and the Florida League of Cities does not verify this information with any other sources. The property tax data is provided by the Florida Department of Revenue's County and Municipal Property Tax Data Tables.
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