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Civic Education

Building Citizenship in the Community: Back to BasicsThe Florida League of Cities has developed several educational programs with the goal of increasing Floridians' understanding of city governments and the services they provide. This section contains links to the League's civic education publications and program information as well as to additional civic education resources. The focus of programs to date has been K-12 civics education.

While most of the publications are geared primarily to the school setting, city officials are encouraged to promote them to their local schools as they will help students and teachers develop a better understanding of their city's functions and services.

My City: I'm Part of it, I'm Proud of It!
This publication includes five lessons, facts on Florida cities, a local government vocabulary, and a civic review on city government in Florida. We encourage teachers to present these lessons during Florida City Government Week which occurs in October of each year. The My City booklet contains one week of lessons and activities about city government. While the lessons were designed to build on one another, they can be used selectively. Activity sheets to accompany the lessons are included. MORE>

ABCs of City Government
The Florida League of Cities is pleased to make available this educational material about city government for the elementary school level (grades 2 - 5). The ABCs of City Government will assist educators as they teach these important issues to their students, and city government officials as they work with local youth in helping to increase an understanding of city government in Florida. MORE> 

A Guide for Creating a Citizens' Academy
Citizens’ academies are an excellent way to educate residents, build positive relationships and increase communication between city government officials and citizens, as well as inspire future municipal leaders.Statistics show that 30 percent of Floridians are natives, while 70 percent moved here from somewhere else. This can greatly affect a Floridian’s understanding of city government in the Sunshine State. MORE>

A Guide for Creating a City Youth Council
In August 2008, Wellington Vice Mayor Carmine Priore was sworn in as president of the Florida League of Cities. In his first speech as president, he spoke about how students are receiving little or no civic education instruction in the classroom and cited surveys and studies showing that a large percentage of high school students know little about their governments. He made it his presidential priority to promote civic education and encouraged cities to create youth councils to educate this younger generation. MORE>

"Getting to Know Your Florida Cities" DVD
The Florida League of Cities is proud to present our "Getting to Know Your Florida Cities" training DVD. This training tool has been developed to help citizens, the media, civic organizations, schools and others learn more about municipal governments in the Sunshine State. The DVD is provided to cities, schools and newly elected officials. It also is available to print and television media personnel throughout the state. MORE> 
"Cities in the Classroom" Curriculum
Developed with assistance from the Florida League of Cities, the Bob Graham-Lou Frey Joint Citizenship Initiative at UCF produced this teaching curriculum in 2009 for use in middle and high schools. It includes Florida municipal and county information and classroom exercises. 
For more information, please contact Sharon Berrian at 850-701-3660.