Municipal Youth Councils

While many of Florida’s cities already have youth councils, we wanted to create a document that would serve as a “road map” for others wanting to start similar programs. These special citywide councils are composed of students from different high schools within the city and serve as an advisory board to the city commission/council. These students are the leaders of tomorrow and it is important to expose them to municipal government at an early age. We hope that your city will consider forming a youth council. In addition, the Florida League of Cities holds a Youth Council Program event every year at its annual conference. Information is posted online and in print in advance.

The Florida League of Cities would like to thank the North Carolina Civic Education Consortium for providing a template for this document. Additionally, the League would like to thank the following Florida governments for providing information on their youth councils: Dade City, West Palm Beach and Destin; and also Greene County, N.C.
Fifth Annual Municipal Youth Council Video Competition Winners 
The Florida League of Cities is pleased to announce the winners of the fifth annual Municipal Youth Council Video Competition. The goal is to provide a way for Florida’s youth councils to showcase their ideas, creativity and commitment to their communities. Click here to view the winning videos. 
  • First Place: City of Tampa Mayor’s Youth Corps - Tampa: The City Without Limits
  • Second Place: City of Fort Myers Teen Advisory Council - I Love Fort Myers
  • Third Place: City of Niceville’s Youth Advisory Council - This is Niceville
  • Fourth Place: City of Dade City Youth Council - Dade City: The Place to Be
  • Fifth Place: City of Sanford Mayor’s Youth Council - Why I Love Sanford
This year’s youth council video competition asked youth councils to create a 30-second or 60-second video (public service announcement, or PSA) to answer one simple question: Why I Love My City? The youth were asked to take some time to consider why their city is so special—what elements do they love the most? They were also asked to plan a strategy for their video to have a viral impact on social media. The competition’s official hashtag is #YouthCityLove. Each group was also asked to provide information about their council, purpose, projects and work in their city.
In addition to the video, the entries were evaluated on a number of other criteria, including an effective/creative written action plan, the presentation and evaluation of the competition’s theme and adherence to the competition’s criteria. 
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Sharon Berrian at (850) 701-3660 or by email at
Click here to view a list of past winners.