Florida League of Cities Announces Winners of Youth Council Video Competition

The Florida League of Cities today announced the following youth councils as winners of its 2nd Annual municipal youth council video competition: First Place –Titusville’s Student Advisory Council, Second Place – Tampa’s Mayors Youth Corps, and Third Place – Alachua’s Youth Advisory Council.
This year’s video competition was inspired by the statewide initiative themed Viva Florida 500, of which the Florida League of Cities is a partner. As part of the video competition, each nominee was to respond to the key question: “If your youth council was running the city in the year 2113, what would your city be like?”
Winners will receive a trophy and monetary award; be recognized at their city’s commission meeting (or another venue of their choice), be highlighted in the statewide QC magazine and have their videos presented on the League’s website and Facebook and Twitter accounts. Youth councils are organizations composed of students, typically from different high schools within a city, who may also serve as an advisory board to a city commission/council. Many times these students are selected to serve based on their leadership potential or for their desire to learn more about their community and give back through volunteer service. Youth councils are a great way to get local youth involved in their city governments. Cities feel that is important to expose young people to civic education at an early age so that they will later become more involved and active citizens. For additional information on youth councils, read the League’s publication, “A Guide for Creating a City Youth Council,” which is posted here.
Click here to view the Titusville Student Advisory Council video.
Click here to view the Tampa Mayor’s Youth Corps video.
Click here to view the Alachua Youth Advisory Video.
Contact Sharon Berrian at (850) 222-9684 for more information.